MICRODIA has earned a reputation for quality, reliability and innovation and became a market leader in data storage media and wireless technology.

Flash Memory Cards

Highest Speed
MICRODIA Flash Memory Products are made with Prime Grade NAND Flash and High-Speed Controllers with enhanced firmware embedded to deliver some of the highest Read/Write Speeds in the industry. MICRODIA Flash Memory Products consistently out-perform other brands in both sustained read and sustained write speeds. MICRODIA Flash Memory Cards are renowned for both high read/write speeds and optimal performance.

Highest Capacities
With almost 20 years of experience in the leading-edge IC packaging technology based on Multi-Stacking Packaging Technology, MICRODIA is able to deliver higher capacity flash memory cards not only ahead of its competitors, but also ahead of the market. In the highly competitive flash memory market, the shortest-time-to-market is extremely critical to a company’s profit margins.

International Lifetime Limited Warranty (XTRAPRO)™ 
The World is becoming smaller as mobility increases. Therefore, an International Warranty for products is becoming increasingly necessary. MICRODIA XTRAPRO™ Flash Memory Cards are covered by an International Lifetime Limited Warranty as MICRODIA’s commitment to quality. Wherever you use your MICRODIA Flash Memory Products, you are always covered with the peace of mind for best quality and performance.

100% Compatibility
MICRODIA Flash Memory Cards are tested to be 100% compatible with all major brands of Digital Cameras, Digital Video Camcorders, Mobile Phones, PDAs, Smart Phones, PDA Phones, Laptop Computers, Handheld PCs, Digital Photo Printers, Card Readers, and virtually everything that has a flash memory card slot. MICRODIA Flash Memory Cards offer one of the top three most compatible lists in the industry.

MICRODIA offers you one of the broadest ranges of flash memory cards in the industry for storing, transferring and viewing your video clips, photos, music and data. Not only can you always find the cards you need from MICRODIA, but you can also count on us for peace of mind.

MICRODIA Flash Memory Cards offer the following benefits:

  • Highest Read/Write Speeds
  • Highest Card Capacities
  • 100% Compatibility
  • International Lifetime Limited Warranty (XTRAPRO)™