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Welcome to™, the leading online resource for free photographic and video lighting lessons. So what is this site all about, anyway? At PhotoflexLightingSchool™, we’re dedicated to teaching the basic principles and techniques used by today’s professionals.

Cokin Filters – the original square filter system. Only few years ago, photographers and videographers were asking for special effect filters

For a quarter century Photoflex® has produced lighting products that are driven by Innovation, Quality, Versatility and Durability. We’re proud to present our products to the digital, film and video industries in New Zealand.

Uniross has been the rechargeable power specialist since 1968. We design, manufacture and distribute standard and dedicated rechargeable batteries.


High Speed SDHC Card.
Backed by H.E. Perry with a life time guarantee.

H.E.Perry has been a supplier of photographic equipment in New Zealand since 1932. We are proud to be 100% locally New Zealand owned and operated. We pride ourselves in our customer services.
Sales are strictly wholesale.
If you are a manufacturer of products in the photographic imaging industry don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always in search of excellence.
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